Why Adding or Converting to Solar Pool Heaters can be the Best Decision?

Solar pool heaters use sun’s heat absorbing thermal collectors to boost the temperature of swimming pool. They help circulate the pool water through the insulated collectors so that water can get warm and ready for bath at anytime.

All those concerned with the rising energy bills specially for heating their pools will find the idea of installing solar pool heaters to be effective. If they have a less energy-efficient and old heater installed or they face any of the specific issues that add to the demand of pool heating requirements, an energy-efficient model of solar pool heater will be the ideal solution on offer.

Converting a present pool gas heater or electrical heating pump to a technology that uses the abundance solar power will cut down pool heating expenses. Sometimes, a wise approach is to add a solar pool heating system to the present arrangement of equipment. If there is a pool connected with a spa which should be kept hot; combining a Solar pool heater with a conventional electric heater will minimize the level of dependency on the heater to heat up the spa.

Additionally, solar pool heaters are proven to be money saver. They can bring more money in the wallet of pool owners, using renewable solar energy which is a safer and healthier substitute for the surrounded atmosphere. However, buying and fitting solar pool systems need an honest investment. If pool owners want to make changes, then they need to know why their pool heating cost can be high and how installation or addition of solar pool heating systems can help continually to offer free heat for their pool bath.

Situations when addition or converting to solar pool heaters can be a smart decision

It takes heat energy to keep pool water warm for every season. The conventional methods of pool heating such as electrical pumps and gas heaters can be expensive for heating because of several external factors.


Even though the pools are equipped with high performing heaters, the external factors make them consume high volume of electricity or gas. Some of these variables that individually or in a pair can make it difficult to raise pool water temperature and end up high requiring heating energy are:

  1. No regular use of pool cover which lets the heat escapes out.
  2. Pools including a spa that is frequently used for warm and therapeutic sessions.
  3. The pool size is too large to get heated in a few hours time.
  4. The pool is located in arctic region where temperature goes down the freezing point every night.
  5. The pool is in windy backyard or on a canyon or mountain rim.
  6. The pool area gets very little sunlight directly.

Most of the pool heater installers ensure their clients advanced technology with high ratings of heating performance. However, some of the pools may not be ready for any such option, leading them use a cheaper and older model that uses more electric or gas to get the heating done properly.

If the pools are affected by any of the above challenging factors then there is a cost saving way to keep up a relaxing and comfortable swimming atmosphere. In most cases, the ultimate solution is to add or upgrade solar pool heating systems that exploit free energy from the sun and deliver the warm pool swimming experience to users whenever they need.

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