Top 4 Important Facts To Know About Solar Water Tanks

Now that winter is approaching, hot water must be on your top priority list. Earlier, homeowners used to choose between a gas and an electric water heater; but these days we have solar options as well.

You might be quite familiar with solar panels that are placed on roof tops, but you may not be aware that some of those panels that you see can generate hot water for your residential applications. We know that it’s a great way to use natural, free energy to heat your home’s water supply. In fact, the ingenious water heating systems are known as solar water heaters or domestic hot water heating systems.

Solar hot water systems usually incorporate solar water tanks that store the solar heated water. Depending upon the design of a system, a single tank may incorporate both auxiliary and solar heating or a dedicated solar tank may supply pre-heated water to a second tank that’s heated by the traditional energy sources.

What Exactly A Solar Tank Is

A solar tank is an important part of a solar water heating kit. The type and size of solar tank you need is often a less understood part of the system, mainly because there are so many variable in it. In short and simple words, the tank works like a battery for electricity, except it stores heat in the form of hot water.

Normally, a tank is used for the storage of hot water and can be differentiated into two categories like pressurized and un-pressurized. Keep in mind that, the design of tanks may vary somewhat between countries and markets depending upon climate, local regulations and system design rooms.

Here are a few important things you should know about solar water tanks before making the purchase:

1. High Quality Materials

Solar tanks are manufactured from light weight, durable and flexible materials with a wide variety of pliable, no-seam liners. Tanks will be available you after being manufactured fully and are ready for installation- ensuring a quicker, simpler and smooth installation procedure

2. Durability

The use of best-in class materials and craftsmanship make the solar tanks construction exceptionally durable. While under a full 10 year warranty, many of these solar water tanks have been in operations for more years to come.

3. Simple and Smooth Installation

The flexible materials that are used in solar tanks are constructed in such a way to make the installation process simple and straightforward – ensure shipping costs extremely affordable than other water heating kits.

4. Variety Of Options and Sizes

Solar hot water tanks are available in a wide variety of storage capacities and sizes with customizable port and heat exchanged options to best fit your particular solar applications.


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